Having a strategy when designing and building a brand and messaging is KEY to building long-term brand recognition, customer loyalty, and positioning your products & services to sell for a premium. It begins with an exploration of your business’s goals to build a plan for success – and it’s by design.

So, what does that mean?

It means your logo is just a small piece of the puzzle. Sure, it has to be professional. It has to visually attract your ideal customers.

It also HAS to be designed with an understanding of WHO that target customer actually IS.

The most effective logos + brand assets (messaging, website, print material, signage, etc) start with understanding your company’s “why.”

How do you define your “why?”

If you haven’t done this before – or if it’s been a while – simple open brainstorming can be very effective.

Try asking yourself and your partners (if you have any) a few investigative questions like”

Why did I start this business?

What motivates me?

What do I want to actually provide to people?

WHO am I trying to reach?


This “why” clarifies what matters to your brand and is what drives everything  your business does. This will include your messaging, your visual identity, your services/products.

Once you do that, it will become easy for prospective and current customers to understand what you do, and it will be easy for you to share your brand values both within and outside your business.

IS this really necessary? I suppose you could just make a logo and be done with it. But you will be stuck in a race to the bottom competing against every other similar business out there if you do – because your customers won’t understand the VALUE you provide, they’ll simply look at the cost of your service. And that may be fine for you.

But if you want to create a BRAND  and not just another service business, that investigative self-reflection is key in defining your business – and THEN you begin to develop your visual identity and messaging.

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